Swamp Sim Horror


A slender game with Shrek


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Swamp Sim Horror is a first-person 'slender game.' In it, instead of running away from Slender Man or other terrifying creatures, you have to run away from Shrek. As if that isn't ridiculous enough, as you try to escape, you have to listen to his monologues about onions.

The game is very similar to other games of this type: you begin in a dark forest, and you have to collect eight objects while the terrifying creature lurks around. In other games, you might have to collect pages from a diary, for example, but in Swamp Sim Horror, you have to pick onions.

The scary parts of Swamp Sim Horror are exactly what you'd expect: forced scares when Shrek's face fills the screen combined with very loud sounds. For this reason, you should probably play with the volume turned down low. You've been warned.

Swamp Sim Horror is a first-person horror game which doesn't only fail to offer anything new, but also repeats only what other games have done better. Pro: the graphics aren't all that bad. Con: everything else.
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